Princess Mariam 


I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for breaking your trust so many times. I kept on hurting you and every time you learned to forgive and stuck by me no matter what happened. You believed in me to change and I acted with complete and total stupidity. The carelessness in my actions show how I am as a person and I hate it. But I want you to know the love I have for you is greater.

I completely understand and respect your anger and frustration with me and I couldn’t feel worse about the lies I have consistently kept up. I know I have said this but I want you to know that I am very sorry and I will keep on fighting for becoming the person you want me to be.

Being honest, committed,  loyal and most importantly putting you above myself just as you have done for me, in other words where you deserve to be. I am in forever debt to what you have done for me and I strive to be the person you are because Mariam they just don’t make them like you.

Thank you for being the rare, precious person you are. You are so special to me you have no idea, you’re worth all the effort to fix myself and be with my favorite princess cat.

In sincerest appreciation,

Thank you.

For your birthday, I want to showcase the beautiful soul you are to me and every person you have ever blessed.

Happy Birthday Hayati.

The most special precious baby.

I love you so much hayati, I'm so grateful to have met you and experiencing the past few years with such a soul.

Let this summer be the one we have dreamed of having together, it's going to be so special. You're amazing.